About Our Downloadable Files
Our downloadable files are provided in Adobe Acrobat format to ensure printing accuracy. Select the form you need and then print as many as you need fill them out completely and MAIL to the appropriate address.  In most cases you can simply click on the link in the left column, and the file will open Acrobat reader right in you browser. However due to file size, if you are using a dial up connection, you may experience difficulty getting the file to load.  If you are having difficulty we suggest downloading the files to your desktop. To do this RIGHT click the file name and select "Save Target As"  from the list of choices. Save the file to the location of your choice
(we recommend your desktop for easy access).
When done simply double click the file to open it.
 If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader (most systems do) you can download it by clicking HERE.

NOTE: These forms are for PRINTING. These are NOT part of our ONLINE ordering system.

General Order Form

General Order Form
This is our general order form. It can be used for most of our products.
For "Imprinted Items" please use the "Imprinted Pin Order Form".

Imprinted Pin Order Forms

Imprinted Pin Order Form
This is our imprinted pin order form. Use this for ordering Imprinted items. It has a  place for league names and other imprinting requests.

Shoe Tag Order Form

Shoe Tag Order Form
This is a custom order form just for lace tags and heel tags.
There is special shipping rate if this is all you are ordering. All tags are shipped priority mail. If you are ordering other products feel free to use this form for your tags and simply transfer the tag cost only to one of our other order forms. The shipping and handling charges on those forms cover your entire order.

 Pin Layout Sheet

Imprinted Pin Layout Sheet
Use these layout pages to illustrate your custom imprinted pin designs.

Towel Layout Page

Custom Towel Layout Page
Use these layout pages to illustrate your custom towels.